Mswati’s Terror Squad Face Resistance from CPS Activists Until They Abandon a Planned Detention Following Mswati’s “Eye for an Eye” Declaration Against Advocates of Democracy

Saturday 6 August 2022:- On Friday afternoon at around 16:00hrs, a heavy battalion of Mswati’s riot police, a paramilitary wing known as the Swaziland Support Service Unit (OSSU) unleashed violence against activists of the Communist Party of Swaziland in Matsapha. The activists were on their activist duties destined to Mbabane.

The approximately 20 police terrorised and detained 3 CPS comrades near the traffic circle in Matsapha. They intimidated and threatened them with more violence if they ever participated in radical steps to overthrow the ruling system in Swaziland. They fired gun shots to intimidate them.

A contingent of soldiers were called to back up the police. This followed determined resistance by the CPS activists when police stopped them.

The comrades who were captured by the police include Central Committee Member Vuyiswa Maseko, along with CPS members Gcinizwi Lukhele and Kwazi Dube.

“They asked us so many questions about our communist symbols, and if we were attempting to kill them at that moment,” said Vuyiswa Maseko, CPS Central Committee member.

“The police fired warning shots as they attempted to detain us, but after the release later in the night they stated firmly that next time they will fire live shots directly at us if they suspect us to be planning a political activity”, continued Vuyiswa Maseko.

Despite being heavily outnumbered, our comrades refused to give in to the police threats.

The police later released them at around 19:00hrs after having sustained injuries. They were able to receive medical support from the CPS’s first aid unit.

Friday’s attack follows Mswati’s command during his Police Day speech at Matsapha Police College earlier that day, commanding his brutal police to engage an “eye for an eye” approach against those calling for democracy in Swaziland.

Mswati’s security forces are continuing in their murder rampage in a desperate move to maintain the brutal tinkhundla system. We also do not take lightly that the police and army have increased close surveillance to CPS activism.

The CPS will intensify its “Democracy Now” campaign, unite with all democratic forces, for the total overthrow of Africa’s last absolute monarchy!



Thokozane Kenneth Kunene
General Secretary
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Pius Vilakati
International Secretary
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