Mswati’s police crack down on anti-evictions kaMethula youth

Thursday 19 May 2022:- The youth from Methula constituency in the Shiselweni region of Swaziland have once again fallen victims to the ruthless repression of the royal police.

The area’s youth was woken up in the crack of dawn by a police battalion armed to the teeth who invaded various homesteads in the area and subsequently kidnapped four youths.

The police broke down doors, confiscated mobile phones and harassed the youth members. Their crime was protesting against evictions, fighting off a TLB bulldozer that was parked at the area’s constituency, deployed there to demolish homesteads marked for demolishing.

This invasion of privacy, kidnap and land grab by the tinkhundla government and its security agents is rife and part and parcel of this regime. In most eviction cases, the people receive no court relief as the judiciary is still in the monarchy’s iron grip.

The CPS reiterates that so long as this heartless regime is in power, arbitrary invasions, evictions, land grabs and oppression will only worsen.

The CPS calls upon every Swazi, everywhere, to unite and overthrow the tinkhundla system and usher in a democratic Swaziland towards socialism.

CPS Press Services

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