Close to one thousand on-contract healthcare professionals rendered jobless, victimised by Mswati’s government for protesting

Communist Party of Swaziland

Friday 1 April 2022:- Close to one thousand healthcare workers in Swaziland have had their short-term contracts not renewed by the Mswati’s government. Their contracts expired on 31 March 2022, and more are expected to face the chop.

Among the healthcare workers who have had their contracts not renewed are those whom the government targeted with victimisation for daring to stand up in defence of their rights and the rights of patients.

Healthcare workers last year protested, calling upon the government to resolve the extreme shortage of drugs, working equipment, including PPE. Those who took part in the protests had their contracts not renewed as punishment, while others have been excluded this year.

Consequent to the crisis, nurse managers were called to a meeting and told that no contract nurse would be expected on duty today.

Mswati’s government has imposed a hiring freeze in the public service. The health sector is one of the key sectors that have been hard hit by the hiring freeze.

Hlathikhulu hospital staff have been holding meetings since Wednesday 30 March to discuss the crisis and resolve on a way forward.

Healthcare workers are adamant that they will return to work only when their colleagues are permanently employed.

The Mswati autocracy is incapable of resolving the health question in Swaziland. The public health sector is getting worse as the regime continues to prioritise the royal family while the public is thrown into further impoverishment.

The Communist Party of Swaziland of Swaziland calls for maximum unity among workers from grassroots level, and across affiliations to fight for their rights and democratisation of the country.


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