Update on police kidnap of CPS member Bongi Nkambule: Police heavily assaulted him all over the body, confiscated his phone and dumped him late at night

Communist Party of Swaziland

Thursday 24 March 2022:- Yesterday, around 13:00, Mswati’s police kidnapped a member of the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS), Bongi Nkambule (33), heavily assaulted him and dumped him very late at night just outside the capital city Mbabane.

After the over 40 police threw him into the truck they were travelling in, they held him down and proceeded to assault him with their batons for what appeared to be for eternity, targeting particularly his buttocks, thighs, legs and arms.

They also hit him countless times under his feet and on the head, with some pulling his hair as they hurled insults at him.

Speaking this morning before receiving medical attention at the Mbabane government hospital, Comrade Bongi said, “As the police were assaulting me, they accused me and the CPS of burning a police camp in Mbabane. They also complained about the CPS’s Sunset Rallies and the rallies the party has been leading in Msunduza township and the various communities across the country.”

After the assault, the police held him at the Mbabane police station and interrogated him until very late at night. They further denied him his right to a phone call and to speak to a lawyer.

The police confiscated his cellphone, forced him to unlock it, but could not find anything incriminating. The cellphone remains with the police. They claimed they will be conducting forensic investigations on it.

Later, in the thick of the night, the police dumped him just outside the city, near the police camp, about three kilometres away from home in Msunduza township.

“With the exhaustion and swollen feet, I found it extremely difficult to walk all the way home, and the worst thing is that my security was still not guaranteed as I had to pass next to the police camp which is always littered with violent police,” added Bongi.

Since his cellphone remains with the police, as a self-employed father of three he is unable to do business and bring food for his children. He is also unable to get money for his medication as government hospitals have run out of medication. Most medication must be purchased from pharmacies.

Comrade Bongi’s kidnap and assault was among other acts of police violence on protesters yesterday. Police assaulted dozens more protesters in Mbabane on the same day.

The CPS has been under heavy attack from the regime’s security forces for some time now. On Sunday, they kidnapped the children of one of our organisers, while also pursuing CPS comrades who were leading rallies at Lubulini community in the eastern part of Swaziland.

The latest acts of police violence prove once again that Mswati is unwilling to dialogue with the people regarding the democratisation of the country. The regime has reached untold levels of paranoia and will do anything to hold on to power.

The CPS calls for justice for all victims of police brutality in Swaziland. The CPS will continue organising its Sunset Rallies to build community councils for the waging and defence of the revolution.

The CPS also calls for the widest possible unity among the oppressed people of Swaziland with the aim of totally removing the autocracy and democratising the country.


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