Police in Swaziland invade democracy activists’ houses and steal property belonging to CPS members

Communist Party of Swaziland

Tuesday, 28 June 2022:- In the early hours of Tuesday morning (28 June 2022), a battalion of close to 200 police officers invaded Mbikwakhe area in Matsapha where a majority of CPS members who attend the University of Swaziland and Gwamile Voctim reside.

The tinkhundla regime’s puppet police were deployed to ransack activists’ houses and the CPS members were not spared from this barbaric act.

The mission, disguised as a community raid as tensions run high as the country gears up to commemorate the June/July massacre, was conveniently only targeted at houses rented by CPS members who study at the aforementioned institutions of higher education.

The comrades also use their house to coordinate CPS activities around the area which have been warmly welcomed by the community and masses.

The police spent more than four (4) hours ransacking the two houses in question and stole equipment, property and food belonging to the comrades who had left the houses for lessons. In addition to the packs of food, the police also stole seven (7) laptops, clothes and other personal belongings of the comrades. It is worth noting that only the two houses were searched in the whole area making it clear that the motive was to crash the CPS and its plans to mobilise a popular commemoration of the heinous massacre of the regime in 2021.

The police have since time immemorial declared these houses as targets and if today’s raids are anything to go by, prove that the regime is running helter-skelter in fear of the influence and command the CPS has in this area.

The regime police are worried about the ongoing sunset rallies that the CPS has been holding around the country and obviously the commemoration of the tinkhundla massacre which began on 29 June 2021, launched by the regime against unarmed and innocent Swazis.

The CPS has prioritised commemorating the day with practical activities such as holding vigils and observing moments of silence in honour of those slain. With the momentum gained, and the heat turning up against the tinkhundla regime, it was obvious that the tinkhundla government would not take kindly to the defiance to commemorate the day.

Commemoration of this day exposes the tinkhundla system’s inherent corruption. As such, the ruling regime has intensified its attempts for democratic movements to abandon the commemoration and label its celebration as illegal and acts of terrorism.

As all of this unfolds, Mswati and his immediate family and puppet prime minister have left the country, leaving the army and police in control. The memories of the massacre have already imposed a state of fear in the country as businesses have shifted their wares elsewhere in fear of security forces’ violent attacks and its consequences.

As the struggle for democracy intensifies, the CPS calls for direct action winning the hearts of the majority who are oppressed and exploited by the tinkhundla system, and for international solidarity.

No amount of intimidation will obstruct the determination for freedom against the Mswati dynasty and his collapsing government. The CPS remains convinced that the regime must be overthrown completely and replaced with a democratic republic. Direct action and defiance should increase in the country! Swaziland must be rendered ungovernable until democracy and people’s power are attained!


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