CPS on latest anti-communist propaganda offensive

9 May 2022:- The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) has in recent days fought off heavy anti-communist propaganda coming from counter-revolutionary forces masquerading as progressive voices.

Abusing the banner of democracy, these forces have been all over the place publishing slanderous stories about the CPS, doing the bidding for the ruling autocracy.

The people of Swaziland in their multitudes have seen through these lies and swiftly rejected the manifestly pro-regime propaganda. The people continue to demand the total eradication of the Mswati autocracy and its replacement with a democratic republic based on people’s power.

The anti-communist propagandists have, yet again, failed to win the people over to their conservative side!

The revolutionary work of the CPS over the years has invoked deep resentment from some of the anti-communist forces as more conscious radical voices have sprung up from all over the country under the “Democracy Now” campaign.

The majority of the people of Swaziland are now decisively waging anti-monarchist struggles, in the process frustrating these counter-revolutionary forces which are desperate to maintain the backward institution of the monarchy and its imperialist handlers.

To attack the name of the CPS, the anti-communists have created false narratives from thin air, accusing CPS activists of rape and threats of rape without offering any evidence, all of which have been proved false.

Rape is a serious scourge in our society. As such, it should never be used as a political football in any manner – and the CPS refuses to engage in this manner. As the CPS has stated many times before, there is simply no excuse for rape and all forms of sexual assault. The CPS condemns rape and all forms of sexual crimes, and gender-based violence. This scourge demands committed efforts from all progressive people to completely root out. No matter who the perpetrators are and what position they hold in life and politics, offenders must be tried in the court of law and receive the requisite sanction.

This anti-communist propaganda offensive against the working-class struggle and the party of the working class will not work. The fighting people of Swaziland have already seen through the Mswati autocracy’s propaganda tactics.

In the end, the people will win. The people shall build socialism!

Issued by the Communist Party of Swaziland

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