Mswati’s army kidnaps two children in Lubulini

Communist Party of Swaziland

Sunday 20 March 2022:- A unit of around 15 army personnel invaded a home of a Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) organiser, Comrade Ayanda Ndwandwe, in his home, Lubulini, in the Lubombo Region and kidnapped his two kids aged 3 and 5 years old.

This happened this afternoon around 15:00hrs.

The CPS demands the immediate release of the children. The act of kidnapping children is a war crime which must be punished, and Mswati’s army will account for it.

The army contingent is part of the joint operation deployment under the command of Lubombo police assistant commander, Mr Ngwane. The joint operation was sanctioned on 19 March to crush a CPS Sunset Rally which was organized in Lubulini. Mr Ngwane is in charge of this operation which consists of the army, prison wanders, police units and traffic officers.

The CPS organised the rally for Saturday night and planned to launch the CPS Sports games in the same area.

The organiser of the CPS, Comrade Ayanda, was targeted by the repressive operation mission of the Mswati government and has been under heavy state security surveillance the past months. His children were kidnapped after they could not find him in the house when a contingent of over 40 armed-to-teeth army personnel in four armoured vehicles invaded his home.

The repressive mission continues, and our comrades are still in hiding.

The CPS mass mobilisation campaign has gained popularity and support from communities which are inclined to understand better how to advance the struggle under the “Democracy Now” campaign.

The CPS is monitoring the situation and calls upon solidarity, including international condemnation of the terror engulfing our country as the Mswati dictatorship has now opted for lethal force to fight democracy campaigns in the country.


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