CPS says: No one is safe from Mswati’s tyranny

Communist Party of Swaziland

Monday 3 January 2022:- As the people of Swaziland continue to fight for their freedom, the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS), in line with its new year statement, reminds everyone that no one is safe from the tyranny of the Mswati autocracy.

The CPS has thus reiterated its call for the building and strengthening of the unity of the forces of democracy, including grassroots-based mobilisation of the people. The CPS has called for the intensification of the struggle for freedom in Swaziland to make the year 2022 the year of total change.

CPS General Secretary, Comrade Thokozane Kenneth Kunene, pointed out that if the Mswati autocracy is allowed to run freely, the entire world cannot be safe.

“International bodies should stop treating the monarch with kid gloves, they must force the regime to account for the loss of life and violation of human rights taking place in Swaziland through the army and police at the monarch’s orders,” the General Secretary said on Monday in an interview with SAFM.

Swazis have the duty to actively participate in their own liberation. They must undertake practical activities to frustrate and undermine the state apparatus, and that includes parliament, cabinet, and the judiciary, all institutions still under the absolute control of the monarch.

“These institutions must not enjoy executing their duties which aid the monarch in exploiting and oppressing the Swazi people,” added the CPS General Secretary.

He also called for the army to return to the barracks and that the police should stop being used as means by the monarch to suppress the people.

The CPS calls for intensification of international solidarity as the struggle for a democratic Swaziland rages on. SADC and countries such as South Africa must take a clear stance whether they stand with the majority of Swazis who seek to emancipate themselves from the Mswati autocracy. By not being clear on whose side they stand, these countries aid the autocracy to continue oppressing the people of Swaziland.


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