Update on CPS Summer School: Internationalism and International Solidarity

Communist Party of Swaziland

Wednesday 22 December 2021:- Yesterday, Tuesday 21 December 2021, was Day 5 of the CPS Summer School.
Day 5 kicked off on a high note as comrades commenced the session with singing of and dancing to struggle songs and chanting of slogans. The mood among comrades is that of excitement and jubilation to be part of this year’s Summer School.

Tuesday’s session focused on internationalism and international solidarity. This is a policy which advocates for the working class across the world to unite and overthrow capitalism, now in its imperialist stage!

Discussions were based on; 1) How the CPS can strengthen its relations with progressive international forces for the benefit of the Swazi struggle, 2) What practical assistance international forces can provide for the Swaziland struggle, and 3) How the CPS can intensify its international work.

Delegates first undertook the process of identifying international progressive forces, focusing on what they stand for through their policies and in the struggle against imperialism.

“Having done that, we must check to see if theirs is in line with our own, or at least are anti-imperialist in their general outlook”, submitted one of the commissions. These progressive international forces must thus be rallied with a view to build international solidarity for the struggle in Swaziland.

Progressive international forces can also offer guidance and advise on how to wage the struggle successfully.

However, delegates made it clear that, while mobilising international solidarity is crucial, the people of Swaziland also have the duty to strengthen and intensify the struggle inside the country. Communist activists must disseminate information to the masses daily, and daily oppose the tinkhundla regime’s propaganda.

The CPS also has the duty to fully participate in international working-class struggles, and provide solidarity in all people’s struggles such as Palestine.

The Swazi struggle now demands intense training across all fronts if the people are to overthrow the regime. International solidarity is also crucial for such training.

The international isolation of the Swaziland monarch and its close associates is also crucial. It forms part of the CPS campaign “Not Another Cent for Mswati”.

In the isolation of Mswati, progressive international forces can make their contribution as well. Through protests and other means, they can lobby their governments not to allow Mswati and his friends to set foot in their countries.

The CPS must also intensify its international work by issuing solidarity messages and support working-class struggles around the world in every practical way possible. Communist activists, in their individual and collective capacity, must engage with other activists across the world, particularly through online spaces. That, however, requires vibrant online presence.

The CPS Summer School began on Friday 17 December 2021. In line with this year’s theme; “Turning up the Heat for Democracy Now! Communist Youth to the Front,” the youth turned up for this Summer School in great numbers. Through the School, the CPS continues to make its contribution to recruiting, organising, mobilising and uniting the masses against the oppressor.

Some of the delegates shared their sentiments about their excitement on being a part of this summer school. “They are busy with their annual witchcraft rituals back home and we as the youth are also busy with ours; learning. We must go back to capacitate the oppressed and exploited majority of our people, and also learn from them, to revolt against this tinkhundla regime and demand a socialist democracy”, shared one comrade.

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