Police in Swaziland raid more communities, arrest elderly community members

Communist Party of Swaziland

Wednesday 8 December 2021:- The royal police in Swaziland in the early hours of Tuesday morning raided Goboyane and Mahlabaneni communities next to Big Bend town in the Lubombo region, eastern Swaziland.

Travelling in three minibuses and five bakkies, the police invaded these two communities and arrested three community members, including two elderly people, accusing them of possessing home-made firearms.

The two seniors, Petros Bhila and Antonio Pelembe, are expected to appear in court today, Wednesday 8 December. On the other hand, Siboniso Mngometulu is accused of possessing one round of ammunition.

The latest night-time raid follows another similar raid a day before, conducted in Mkhitsini in southern Swaziland where the police assaulted and arrested one man.

The police’s latest modus operandi is to conduct night raids, brutalise innocent and helpless community members and throw trumped-up charges on them. Raiding hours are often between 01:00 and 06:00.

The aim of these arbitrary raids and abuse is to scare the people of Swaziland into unquestioning obedience to a system they have long rejected, and thus divide and rule over them. The security forces also aim to recruit spies for the regime and plant them in the communities.

On the other hand, heavy roadblocks continue in the outskirts of Nhlangano town and towards Manzini city. Soldiers conduct these roadblocks which are often characterised by verbal and physical abuse on citizens.

The Communist Party of Swaziland calls upon community members to be vigilant in light of these attacks on them. Through the Community Councils, which the Communist Party has advocated for, communities must unite and mobilise against these police raids and abuse, guided by the Democracy Now campaign.


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