Mswati’s police arrest more learners in Swaziland as democracy calls grow louder

Communist Party of Swaziland

30 November 2021: The royal police in Swaziland today, 30 November 2021, arrested two primary school students from Maphilingo primary school for leading a school protest. The students have not been formally charged.

The students are Miro Magaya and Mthokozisi Zandamela.

In a bid to conceal the arrests, the police opted to invade their home and arrest them, after the protest had ended, at around 13H00.

The police took the two students to the Siphofaneni Police station in the Lubombo Region, the nearest police station to the school.

The students’ protest called for better learning conditions as well as the resolution of the shortage of teachers at the school.

Maphilingo school is a few kilometres from Siphofaneni, on the way road to Sithobelweni.

As at 19H30 today, the two students had not been released by the police.

Over a month ago, on 16 October, the Swaziland royal government abruptly closed schools after students all over the country protested for better learning conditions, free education, the release of political prisoners, and for democracy, among other demands.

The regime recently ordered the reopening of schools, which had been closed since 16 October 2021 due to the regime’s fear of protests led by students. However, students from some schools have continued their protests during the reopening and despite intimidation by the regime’s security forces.

The regime are now targeting specific students, arresting and torturing them. The recent arrests of Miro Magaya and Mthokozisi Zandamela thus follow the arrest of other students since the reopening of schools last week.

The Communist Party of Swaziland calls for the unconditional and safe release of the two students. The CPS also calls upon all Swazis to unite in the fight for the freedom of all political prisoners, including students, and for democracy.

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