CPS on the military coup in Sudan

Statement by the Communist Party of Swaziland

27 October 2021

The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) joins the international calls in condemning the Monday 25 October 2021 military coup in Sudan.

The Sudanese people have languished under decades of severe repression, against which they waged relentless struggles and made critical gains. At this period when they should be transitioning towards a democratic dispensation, it is crucial that international working-class forces pour out their solidarity with the people of Sudan for a reversal of the coup as well as against imperialism.

The CPS stands opposed to the marginalisation of the masses in their struggles, including by military coups as is the ongoing situation in Sudan.

The CPS extends its solidarity, and wishes strength, to the Sudanese Communist Party and all Sudanese working-class forces in the fight for democracy and freedom from both military and imperialist control of their country.


Thokozane Kenneth Kunene
General Secretary
(+27)72 594 3971

Pius Vilakati: International Secretary
(+27)81 353 3383

Email: cpswa.org@gmail.com
Facebook: Communist Party Of Swaziland – CPS
Twitter: @CPSwaziland

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