CPS and SACP must strengthen relations, work together to build a socialist movement of workers and the poor – SACP First Deputy General Secretary Cde Madala Masuku

Communist Party of Swaziland

Mpumalanga – On Saturday 7 April 2023, SACP First Deputy General Secretary, Comrade Madala Masuku, called for the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) and South African Communist Party (SACP) to strengthen their ties and unite the working class in the struggle for socialism.

Comrade Masuku made this call when he presented the SACP’s message of support to the CPS 5th National Congress. He went on to state that the SACP is particularly impressed by the CPS’s work on running consistent political education schools since the Party’s birth in 2011, in addition to organisational work in Swaziland.

He elaborated, “The SACP and CPS must strengthen and support each other in the context of the struggle to build socialism. Socialism takes power from individuals, places it in the hands of the people, and places responsibility upon democratic state to build capacity for production in the interests of all. Our struggles are very important because we want to emancipate the people of South Africa and Swaziland.”

The CPS holds its 5th National Congress about a week after the SACP Augmented Central Committee meeting, held in Johannesburg.
“In our Augmented Central Committee meeting, we reaffirmed our position as the party that we will wholeheartedly support the struggle of the people of Swaziland”, Masuku assured delegates.

Masuku pointed out that there were some forces in South Africa that support the Mswati regime in Swaziland and as the SACP they have always informed those forces that they will not stop the revolution; the revolution will succeed no matter what the counter-revolutionaries do to sabotage it.

He went on to note that the struggle of the people of Swaziland is becoming more complex, partly due to the discovery of mineral deposits.

“The imperialist forces are now forming alliances with the Mswati regime on the basis of these mineral discoveries”, said Masuku.
The SACP in its Augmented Central Committee also deliberated on the question of the upcoming South African democratic elections, and confirmed the SACP 15th National Congress resolution to contest the elections.

To ward off neoliberalism, primarily spearheaded by the West, the SACP has called for the formation of a strong left front.
“While we build the left forces in the country, we must also build strong left forces globally”, stressed Masuku.

He continued, “The struggle of the people of South Africa is interlinked with the struggle of the people of Swaziland and the world. If South Africa fails to build a strong left front, it will mean that South Africa will be a breeding ground for oppression and exploitation.”

Masuku urged both the CPS and SACP to continue playing their vanguard role in their respective struggles.
He emphasised, “The party must be the vanguard of the people. Vanguard means we must be everywhere, whether these are struggles for health, water and education, among others. Comrades, we salute you for the struggles you have led thus far. The SACP Augmented Central Committee said there is a need to build a socialist movement for the workers and the poor, and as the SACP we will continue to do that, and we know you are also playing your role in Swaziland.”

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