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CPS 5th National Congress

Communist Party of Swaziland

Thursday 6 April 2023: The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) is holding its 5th National Congress from Thursday 6 April to Sunday 9 April 2023.

The CPS 5th National Congress is held under the theme “Mobilising the Necessary Condition for the Democratic Victory – Militants to the Front”.

During the National Congress, the Party will receive messages of support from both internal local and international fraternal organisations. Messages of support may still be sent to the Party’s email address:

The CPS 5th National Congress will review the Party’s work since its 4th National Congress. It will also analyse the current phase and situation in Swaziland, the condition of the oppressed people in the country and revolutionary forces, as well as the fight against the tinkhundla system and imperialism.

The CPS 5th National Congress will also elect the Party’s Central Committee.

Since the 12 April 1973 proclamation which banned political parties and activities in Swaziland, the people of Swaziland have been living under the iron rule of Africa’s last absolute monarchy. The proclamation went on to bestow all executive, legislative and judicial powers on the institution of the monarchy.

The increase of poverty, unemployment and inequality over the years in the country is one of the fundamental results of absolute-monarchy rule. As a direct consequence of absolute-monarchy rule, the education and health systems have been destroyed by the regime, leading to what may be termed as social murder, as Frederick Engels coined it.

During the 2021 unrest which was started by the youth and student movement under the “Democracy Now” campaign, culminating in the June uprising in 2021, the regime showed that its primary interests are to maintain its lavish lifestyle rather than those of the people. Mswati deployed his police and army to murder, maim, injure and torture innocent citizens who were fighting for democracy and freedom in our country.

This year, the CPS will intensify its campaign against the undemocratic tinkhundla elections which are premised on creating a puppet parliament tasked with nothing but rubberstamping the decisions of the absolute monarchy. The CPS calls for the boycotting, disruption and stopping of Mswati’s sham elections. The Mswati autocracy uses the backward elections to validate tinkhundla rule, gain international support for the regime – financially, politically and otherwise.

The CPS demands the unconditional unbanning of all political parties, safe return of political exiles and unconditional release of all political prisoners. The CPS also calls for the respect of fundamental human rights in Swaziland, including the rights to freedom of assembly, association, speech, including free media.

Issues for the congress involve discussions on building a strong movement of the oppressed people capable of performing the dual task of ending the hated Mswati dictatorship and the establishment of a true democracy for a socialist Swaziland. A mass movement that will unite the oppressed people of Swaziland. Key to this task is a strong CPS grounded to the masses with grassroot structures in communities and within the working-class organised and unorganised sections.

The Congress will look at this task on the dialectical relations that there can be no strong mass movement of the oppressed people alongside a strong regime of Mswati and his government. The conditions for a democratic victory will be holistically discussed.


Thokozane Kenneth Kunene
General Secretary
(+27)72 594 3971

Pius Vilakati
International Secretary
(+27)81 353 3383

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