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Mswati Regime’s Violence Must be met by the People’s Organised Resistance for Democracy Now

Communist Party of Swaziland

Friday 3 February 2023:– The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) has called for the intensification of the people’s war against the Mswati autocracy’s continued brutality against the people.

The CPS made this call through its International Secretary today, Friday 3 February 2023, in Johannesburg during a protest led by the South African Communist Party (SACP) Linda Jabane District and NEHAWU at the Swazi consulate.

To effectively carry out the resistance, the CPS has called for improved organisation of the fighting masses of Swaziland under the “Democracy Now” campaign launched by the Party in 2019.

Presenting the message of the Party, CPS International Secretary, Pius Vilakati, reminded protesters that Africa’s last remaining absolute monarch, Mswati III, has time and again shown his stubbornness that he is unwilling to enter into any dialogue concerning the unbanning of political parties and democratisation of the country.

“Comrades,” said Vilakati, “the brutal assassination of Advocate Thulani Maseko late January this year, as well as that of Muzi Mmema in December and that of Mlandvo are all signs which should be clear all and sundry that our only option now is to wage a relentless struggle against the regime by resorting to all means necessary.”

Throughout its campaign to turn up the heat against the autocracy, the CPS has called for the people of Swaziland to resist the autocracy’s war by more determined and decisive resistance.

“The people’s war against the regime must win, we must overthrow the monarchy and build a people’s democratic republic”, stressed Vilakati.

He also called for unity among the fighting forces of Swaziland and that “Mswati’s war of oppression must be defeated by the people’s war of liberation”.

“This people’s war must involve the unity of the people against the tinkhundla sham elections which are meant to create a puppet parliament for Mswati. Mswati’s elections must be boycotted, disrupted and stopped by a united people’s power”, continued the CPS International Secretary.

Turning to the role of SADC on the question of Swaziland, Vilakati did not mince his words that the SADC leaders were nothing but elites interested only in protecting Mswati and the interests of imperialism.

“As they have done so in the past, and even more since June 2021 following the massacre of the people by Mswati’s killer machine, SADC leaders have continued to remain largely passive and thus helped Mswati to regroup. They have time and again misled the people about an impending dialogue. We must not be fooled by these elites’ empty words!”

The CPS also called upon Swazis to, as they fight for their freedom, not forget the people of Zimbabwe, Palestine and Western Sahara who continue to fight for justice in their respective countries.

During the protest, the CPS condemned the murder of ten Palestinians by the apartheid Israeli forces. Aimed at deepening its apartheid policy against Palestinians, Israel continues to conduct ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.

The Party went on to call for solidarity with the working class in the United States, particularly in light of police violence largely affecting African Americans, with the murder of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols by Memphis police being the latest episode of police violence.

The solidarity protest was also supported by solidarity forces based in South Africa, including COSATU and Africa 4 Palestine, as well as democracy forces drawn from the mass democratic movement of Swaziland.

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